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Friday, November 15, 2019



vs Topeka Sizzlers

at Moberly Area Community College

101 N College Ave, Moberly, MO 65270

Admission:  $20


















Saturday, November 16, 2019   6pm


vs Indiana Lyons

at Stephens College-Silverthorne Arena

107 Dorsey, Columbia, MO

Admission: $20



Monday, November 11, 2019 - Columbia, MO – 

This is for the Kids!


The Missouri Capitals burst on the seen as they debut in Moberly, MO this weekend with the Youth Night game and this is all about the kids.  


The Capitals are giving away tickets to every child (ages 14 and under) to come and see your Missouri Capitals face off against their division rival Topeka Sizzlers at the MACC.


The Capitals lost back to back games this weekend against the Sizzlers but hope to bounce back this week and fight their way back into first place in the division and into the national rankings.  Friday's game will be at 7pm at the Moberly Area Community College and the doors will open at 6pm.  Advance tickets are still available at


The Youth weekend will continue when the Caps return to Stephens College on Saturday at 6pm for interconference play against the Indiana Lyons.  Come out and enjoy both big games this weekend and be a part of pro basketball in Mid-MO.  


Discount advance tickets are on sale now at


Follow the Caps all year long at

#MOCAPS  #Whynotus

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week of Nov 10, 2019


1.  San Francisco City Cats 2-0

2.  Syracuse Stallions 2-0

3.  Mobile Jesters 2-0

4.  Chicago Fury 2-0

5.  Steel City Yellow Jackets 3-0

6.  Wyoming Valley Clutch 3-0

7.  Team Trouble 3-0

8.  Binghamton Bulldogs 4-0

9.  Austin Bats 2-0

10. Richmond Elite 2-0

11. W. Michigan Lake Hawks 2-0

12. Tri City All Stars 3-0

13. Chico SuperKats 2-0

14. South Phoenix Knights 2-0

15. Hub City Hogs 3-0

16. Belle Glade Stampede 2-0

17. Quad City Flames 3-0

18. Las Vegas Royals 2-0

19. Philly Cannons 2-0

20. Topeka Sizzlers 2-0

21. Music City Jazz 2-0

22. 305 Ballers 1-0

23. Woodbridge Wolves 1-0

24. Fayetteville Flights 1-0

25. Sunrise Jewels 1-0

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41 Cooper

American Basketball Association

Great Plains Division Standings

as of November 11, 2019


Topeka Sizzlers           2-0

Missouri Capitals       1-2

St. Louis Spirits            0-2

Kansas City Grillers     0-0

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